Dec 7, 2009

Rose Frantzen has released a portrait book which has 180 color photos of paintings she has done within 365 days. Her subjects were locals from her hometown of Maquoketa and the exhibit is being shown at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC this fall. What a great accomplishment for this woman! She studied under Richard Schmid several years ago.

Mahl Stick

I've been searching for a mahl stick, many times I see other artists use canes which hang over the top of their canvas to easily grab and swing over for a steady wrist. I found this little beauty on ebay, it's a womans walking stick. I really love it and think it's kind of funny being it's a womans leg, but there is a fair amount of weight at the top and I hope it doesn't slip off and nail me on the forehead.
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