Nov 5, 2014

A Soul Gone Missing

At one time, I had a deviant art account where I posted writings and photography. I followed a number of people that seemed to be interesting. It is amazing how many people have real talent. These people are just wandering about the streets, working as baristas for fry cooks or maybe not working at all, just getting by. But when they open and share some of their creative spirit it is like watching someone turn on a light inside themselves, and they shine. One person I followed shone. She didn’t post that much, but what she posted was good. I was glad I followed her and one day I visited her site with the intention of writing to her and letting her know that I thought she had talent and appreciated it. I found she had posted a journal entry a few days before. It was full of despair, written in the middle of the night. She described her situation as being without money, without friends, and alone. She appeared to feel there was nothing left for her, and the simple act of writing her despair in a journal entry on a social media site was illustrative of how low she had sunk. I wrote to her, but received no reply. Years later, that journal entry is the last evidence of any activity on that deviant art account. This remains one of the saddest experiences I have ever had. August, 30th 2014 @ 22:10 / 34 /

Sep 27, 2014

Because I'm Happy....

Inching closer to the finish line with this one. Yay! There is a fairly new oil color from Sennelier called "Kings Blue" it's gorgeous to experiment with, I think it's reminiscent of the special light violet that J. Lipking uses to cool things down in his portrait paintings. Another exciting new color I added to my palette recently is "Permanent Magenta" a brilliant oil color for flowers. Onward,

Sep 24, 2014

Adding some new artwork in the office!

Wine and Winsor Newton

Keeping company with some beautiful colors and a glass of wine, a great way to wrap up a day of painting!

Sep 23, 2014

Progress on new piece

My new painting "Coleus Leaves" I'm about 3/4 of the way there. 49 x 60 Oil on canvas.

It's Launched! :-)

Just finished launching my new website, so exciting to have a fresh new look! at: Here's a sneek peek!
Study of "The Thinker" oil on canvas 48 x 60

Feb 7, 2014

David's Glance 2

New painting for my husband's office! 48' x 60" oil on canvas. Having fun experimenting with textured backgrounds.

Cat Portrait 1

24" x 24" Oil on canvas. Painted for Animal Samaritans Vet Hospital in Coachella Valley, CA.

My Sweet Angel Pug "Cottie"

Oil on canvas. Painted for the Animal Samaritans Vet Hospital in Coachella Valley, CA.
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