Oct 25, 2011

Little Carrie's Painting


This is an oil painting my Great-Grandfather Charles E. Gooch's first wife Carrie Baker painted back in 1896. They were married in 1896 and moved to the town of Mt. Shasta,CA. which back then was referred to as "Sisson", it sits directly below the mountain on the West side. She became pregnant soon after they wed and died a week after giving birth to a still-born daughter named Mazelli Gooch. Carrie was a very small woman, she taught elementary school and painted in her spare time while living in Lookout, CA.
My 2nd cousin Avis has this painting in her home, I recently visited her and shot a couple photo's of it.
It's quite lovley, I believe the lake in the painting is Lake Siskiyou but I'm not certain of it. In her letters during their courtship; she spoke of how excited she was to be moving to Mt. Shasta to be with him after the wedding.
The last few months of her pregnancy were spent away from him down in Napa Valley, CA. at a health care facility where she died about 11 mos. after they were married.
I have her trunk that she stored her belongings in and which she took with her on horse and buggy to Mt. Shasta, it's a beautiful piece.
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